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WELCOME, my friend… and thank you for your interest in Spinning Blue Planet!

I’m your host, Chris Darroch Biggs, and I’d like to take this moment to give you some details on what Spinning Blue Planet comprises of. Nothing like this has ever been witnessed before. You have my word on that!

Yes, indeed. This website, and the ingenuity behind what Spinning Blue Planet is and will be all about, focuses on ways in which ANYONE can and will LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST across all major areas, including Mental Health, Career Development, Personal Finances, Spirituality, Personal Fitness, and Relationships.

Don’t fret, dear Traveler, for this is not the same ol’, same ol’ crap infesting our world of today. Not a chance! Instead, this is the beginning of a monumental achievement in creative development for all involved, including the readers.

Spinning Blue Planet is an outlet for human expression that is unique and beneficial on many levels, and how we as a species can coexist together in perfect, sustainable harmony. Every being on earth has a voice of some form. This will be an outlet for showcasing the EXTRAORDINARY people who have shown the world that they have overcome the odds and are sharing their message for any and all to see.

It’s even about H O W to overcome the odds!

Cool, eh?

Cheers and best regards!

Chris Darroch Biggs

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