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Today is your day! That’s right… no matter where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with… you are one step closer to achieving your dreams!

Are you relaxing? Are you exercising? Are you planning? Are you implementing? Are you eating healthy? Are you speaking with the right people? Are you taking some time away from it all to recharge? Either way, you’re still one step closer.

Ahhhh dreams. They are great to have. It’s fun creating goals for the future and having the right intentions, but when are you going to reach the top of the hill you are climbing? It’s taking a long time and you’re getting tired of the endless efforts required to reach the summit. You’re advancing forward towards the reward but all of a sudden there’s more to focus on and more goals to achieve. They just keep coming! How are you to remain focused on what’s important and desired when there’s just sooooo many things to get done?

Are you working on your business or is your business working on you? Are you contemplating what kind of life you desire to manifest or are you repeating the same routine over and over, hoping for the best? Are you building great relationships and friends or are you sifting through the heaps looking for the golden nugget? Are you being the best employee ever or are you dreading waking up in the morning to work for someone else?

You can’t take the time to relax because the goal will get further away from you! Are you crazy?!?!?? Relax!??!??! You don’t even know the meaning of that word!

Yes, you can relax and still be one step closer to achieving your dreams. How is that possible? It is possible because your dreams are not even real. They are just thoughts. Your dreams came true the moment you were born. The rest, now, in this reality of existence, is just icing on the cake of life.

You don’t want money… you want the freedom of abundance. You don’t want love… you already have it. You don’t want material necessities… you want harmony in all areas of your life.

Breathe! Meditate! Play! Sing! Dance! Work! Dream!

The more you can interweave the simple enjoyments of life into your ongoing efforts in manifesting future desires, the more you are indeed one step closer to having it all… abundance, health, love, and happiness.

But how is that done? Step by step… that’s how…

And all steps count.

This is your day. And so is tomorrow, and the next day… ohhh, and yesterday was your day too, and all of the days before it. Why? Because it got you to NOW!


May your Groove be endless,


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