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I did it! After many years of piecing together a Philosophy and several months of putting it together into an understandable format, I have finally completed my first “real” BOOK! Woohoo!

Much heartache, sweat, tears, and experimentation has gone into this Personal Success Philosophy. Now it is awaiting any and all who desire to expand their world for the better.


“Gettin’ Back Into The Groove
Gettin’ Back Into The Groove”

If you dream, desire, live with a vast array of emotions, have set upon attaining several goals within your lifetime, or are on an intellectual journey… then, my Friend… the GROOVE is for you!

I have witnessed many things that would make your head spin, such as living through the suicide of one of my sisters, gone through deep personal depressions, lived with Insomnia for 3 years (averaging 3 hours of sleep per night), and experienced MANY other heartbreaking events. Yet, despite it all, I have accomplished many wonderful things and have come to know how to overcome any obstacle thrown my way. Now nothing can keep the smile from my face!

How is this done? How can one live a fulfilling, balanced lifestyle when all else around them has crumbled? How can one focus on their projects or career when disappointment seems to lurk around every corner?

The results of my own personal dramas and many years of research has been compiled into this very powerful book. Yes, all of this can be done, and by anyone! I firmly believe this. The GROOVE will show you the way.

My friends, this is my way of giving back. Nothing like this has been created before.

Prepare to get GROOVY!

Apply this powerful Success Philosophy / Rapid Achievement System to any area in your life… and GROOVINESS will surely follow.

And may this G R O O V E be endless!

Best Regards,
Chris Darroch Biggs


Groove Cover

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WELCOME, my friend… and thank you for your interest in Spinning Blue Planet!

I’m your host, Chris Darroch Biggs, and I’d like to take this moment to give you some details on what Spinning Blue Planet comprises of. Nothing like this has ever been witnessed before. You have my word on that!

Yes, indeed. This website, and the ingenuity behind what Spinning Blue Planet is and will be all about, focuses on ways in which ANYONE can and will LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST across all major areas, including Mental Health, Career Development, Personal Finances, Spirituality, Personal Fitness, and Relationships.

Don’t fret, dear Traveler, for this is not the same ol’, same ol’ crap infesting our world of today. Not a chance! Instead, this is the beginning of a monumental achievement in creative development for all involved, including the readers.

Spinning Blue Planet is an outlet for human expression that is unique and beneficial on many levels, and how we as a species can coexist together in perfect, sustainable harmony. Every being on earth has a voice of some form. This will be an outlet for showcasing the EXTRAORDINARY people who have shown the world that they have overcome the odds and are sharing their message for any and all to see.

It’s even about H O W to overcome the odds!

Cool, eh?

Cheers and best regards!

Chris Darroch Biggs