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Greetings to all and WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!

Mark Hendricks’ “Often Imitated, Never Surpassed” giveaway promotion of “The 12 Days of Xmas” continues until January 1st!

At this writing, his promotion website is now ranked at an amazing 4266 on! It jumped 2000 positions in a week. Intense! That number represents top websites in the world, folks!

I’m giving away a copy of my GROOVE ebook on day 8. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet I suggest you grab it now, along with $11,918.89 worth of the other giveaway contributions from dozens of participators.

Happy Holidays!

The support I have been getting from paying Groove clients is very uplifting and I wholeheartedly thank all of you! You will be given many treats in the near future for helping me get this far!

Right now I’m giving the GROOVE (minus it’s bonuses) away because I need all of the reviews / testimonials / affiliates / feedback I can get. It was a difficult choice to make. However, it is the Christmas and New Years Holidays after all and who knows who might need this GROOVY opportunity immediately.

Much to my delight, in the past week I had around 1500+ new people from around the world join up to SBP with enthusiastic response towards my “Gettin’ Back Into The Groove of Gettin’ Back Into The Groove” eBook. My head is still spinning at the incoming new member counts!

Also, the feedback I have been getting is also nothing short of pleasing:

  • An unemployed man is claiming my book is going to help him get back on track, or back into his GROOVE as I tend to often say.
  • Business owners are ecstatic over the concept and organization of the Groove system, claiming it will help them gain or retain their edge.
  • Personal and business success coaches claim that it is an astounding insight and that I should become a consultant. Talk about humbling!
  • Several people whom are unhappy with their current employment ‘entrapments’ are stating many things, like the GROOVE is an “uplifting new insight! It’s just what I’ve needed after struggling to survive the last three and one-half years” for example.
  • I’m getting some requests for an online web forum or a message board for GROOVY people to connect with each other. COMING SOON!
  • Several people are saying things like:

“Enjoying it immensely”

“Soaking up the information”

“I’m amazed at your service”

“Love the ideas and the writing”

“It looks like it might be the best gift on the page”

“The truth that lies within this is so much more than an eye opener”

*** By the way, I have yet to ask these people for permission to quote them specifically. ***

*** I’m still trying to catch up on all of the emails! ***

Simply GROOVY!

Once again, thank you all.

Keep your eyes peeled… There is sooooo much more to come with SBP.

Best Regards!

Chris Darroch Biggs

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Yup… I’ve done it.  I’ve gone against what every marketing guru tells you to do. Call me stupid. Call me a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of guy. Call me an amateur. Either way they are all true. I’m new to this game and as always… I’m just going with the flow!

You see, I have received many comments and requests about lowering the price of my “Gettin’ Back Into The Groove of Gettin’ Back Into The Groove ” eBook. Many people need some help with the price, while others think it’s too much for someone without a list of credentials and testimonials, and still others are nervous about purchasing things online.

I’ve also received amazing feedback from my own mentors who agree that lowering the price to get the word of mouth flowing faster is a great idea.

So, after contemplating this, I’ve reduced the price of my eBook (including all of the current and future bonuses) from $47 US down to $29.95 US. This price is extremely generous and is not going to stay like this for long. I suggest that if you are on the fence about purchasing it you act as soon as possible. I could use your help, and you will not regret the purchase in the least; I make sure my customers are taken care of. All previous purchasers have been notified with regards to compensation options.

As for what I’ve been up to… I am having several articles published in other online magazines in the coming month, and have also been invited to participate in several other ventures. I’ll fill you in during their development.

I’m also formulating the next Spinning Blue eZine, which will open up this online community even further and branch it out into grander possibilities. It’ll be a fun one.

Just so you know, I have many plans with this eBiz, and they all don’t revolve around just personal development concepts. The things to come will be fun, imploring, and touching on numerous concepts. There are just so many amazing things going on in this world I’d love to share with you!

So stay tuned, dear readers, and participate when you can.

And as always, my friends, may your Groove be endless!

Cheers and best regards,

Chris Darroch Biggs

For more details about The Groove, visit:

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As published in the Bestselling “Wake Up… Live The Life You Love: Seizing Your Success” book, co-authored, along side entries from Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and many, many other inspirational people.

Order your copy at Barnes & Nobles!

EDIT: The book reached #12 in the top 100!


Groove Your Way Towards Success

by Chris Biggs

What does it take to live a balanced, fulfilling, and successful lifestyle, and for a good portion of your life? How do you actually “Seize Your Success” anyway? How can you rapidly redirect your life into the right direction in order to capture a desired success?

Does it take excess money? Does it take healthy friendships? Love? Proper health? Education? Family? A career you adore? Does it take a certain mind-set? Or maybe it takes all of these? Well, it does take all of these… and more. The secret is in knowing that success comes when you least expect it. You need to allow yourself to go with the flow of your personal GROOVE, and, over time, success will find you instead. But this can be very tricky.

You see… life has its way of disappointing each and every one of us in many different situations, oftentimes making success a foreigner. The trick is in finding how to combat any negative situation to turn it into something positive – to somehow make a personal success out of it. Success is always available if you are willing to notice it. But this depends on your interpretations of the events occurring in your life.

For instance, perception of reality defines who you are. Every single person alive on this planet is unique and interprets the world in his/her own way.

The stimuli of media, advertising, materialism, and organized Religions practically form our lives on a daily basis. If you don’t have a complete grasp on who you are and exactly how your mind ticks, you’re more prone to negative conditioning from such influence. It oftentimes becomes that much harder for you to “Wake up and live” when you’re spending a good portion of your energy fighting against outside influences, and searching for success instead of letting it find you.

It’s not your fault, however. This is the reality of modern society. In order to make sense of life, we tend to make no sense at all. What this means is that a collective version of reality, which forms a society, is more sheltering than one of complete chaos. The drawback to this is that our human nature becomes victimized in the process. It’s how we deal with this problem is what defines our lifestyles, and our successes.

The root of any problem revolves around how you interpret the events in your life and how you have set upon living with them. To be free from negativity on any level you must first understand your own INDIVIDUALITY. Furthermore, to achieve any form of success you must capitalize on this individuality. You must understand how your individuality affects your career, education, relationships, mental health, physical health, and even your personal Spirituality. You are alive, you are unique, and, when utilized, this worth is priceless… and on MANY levels!

Individuality is the basis of finding and maintaining your personal success GROOVE. The rest will eventually fall into place when you learn how to utilize this individuality in all possible situations. A fulfilling, successful, and balanced lifestyle is sure to follow. The lights will indeed spark on and you’ll “Wake up” to unlimited possibilities and successes.

Success does indeed come to those who accept all forms of it. Pay attention to the little things, and every single accomplishment will eventually pave a road for you leading towards absolute abundance.

That, my Friend, will be your ultimate success!

Experiment, live, and learn. Go with the flow of Evolution, and you’ll ride through life on the waves of your own, abundantly powered, successful Groove…

…and may this GROOVE be endless!

Cheers and best regards,

Chris Darroch Biggs

Author of “Gettin’ Back Into The Groove of Gettin’ Back Into The Groove“.

The GROOVE Philosophy / Rapid Achievement System is a knowledge base, a resource to be tapped into, a success blueprint, a good friend with good advice, and an educational system that provides more than typical schooling or common influences can.

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Greetings, everyone!

Many thanks go out to those who have sent their words of encouragement and congratulations! If you only knew how important this is for me. THANK-YOU!

And a HUGE Thank-You goes out to those who have supported me as either a customer or as a mentor. Self-publishing is indeed a long and bumpy road, but I’m determined to go the distance.

This month I will be promoting my book quite heavily as I build up enough credibility to tackle

Wish me luck!

Some people asked me if this was solely just a Philosophy that’s only about changing your way of thinking.

Actually, it’s much, much more. Here’s the bio being submitted through the ClickBank marketplace:

“Gettin’ Back Into The Groove of Gettin’ Back Into The Groove is a Philosophical / Personal Success Roadmap that will lead you toward a life of abundance and acute awareness.”

In other words, it’s part Philosophy and part Success Blueprint… and quite the power packed, mind-altering read from beginning to end! It was designed to be unique and beneficial to every reader, no matter where they are in the world, while offering unlimited re-read benefits. It’s a resource that’s like a best friend with great advice each and every time you open it. And it was designed to be timeless… read it again in 50 years it it will still be as powerful.

Follow this link to learn more about The GROOVE and details about how to get your hands on what has evolved truly from the heart:

Apply this powerful Success Philosophy with mind-altering strategies and techniques to any area in your life…

…and GROOVINESS will surely follow.

And may this G R O O V E be endless!

Best Regards,
Chris Darroch Biggs

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I’m fulfilling a promise I made in 2002.  New content has been posted at Spinning Blue Planet:

His Name – Aki Ra
His Country – Cambodia
His Enemy – The Landmine

Best Regards,

Chris Darroch Biggs
From the Spinning Blue Planet