Zen and the ART of Manifesting Maintenance


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Greetings, little grasshopper;

The class is about to begin. But please, before we start, take a moment to prepare for this experience. Burn some incense, pour up a cup of Chamomile tea, position yourself cross-legged-yoga-style, and initiate a deep breathing exercise. Inhale… exhale… inhale… exhale. Good, good.


Feel the vibrations emitting from your very essence. That’s right… pay acute attention to this reality. For it is within these vibrations that you will set forth into the world of manifesting your dreams.

Not everyone can afford their own isolation tanks or health spa memberships filled with personal trainers ready to transform you at your beck and call. First of all, this type of lifestyle is wonderful for the Soul, however, it is not required for achievement. Any simpleton can be manifesting while even handcuffed to a chair. How can that be so, you just said? Easily: because manifesting is just a buzz word! That’s right. Shift your perspective to the realm of invention, where every single thing before you in this world, what has been defined and created, all began from a translation of thought… of consciousness. It is true, my young student. You are an extension of the divine. You are a frequency of the cosmos, of the Universe, of the Multiverse, and ultimately… of the Omniverse! Even breathing is manifesting.

Behold! You are a part of something far greater and grander than the very ground you walk upon. You are in existence because your very existence is a part of the divine. If you are “removed” from this existence, you will reappear somewhere else. That is balance. That is energy that cannot disappear but is just repositioned, because you are a part of this experience… this magic!

Now… good… feel it… see it… understand this… for it is the key to unlocking your destiny!

To advance into manifesting your dreams, many will tell you to hold the thought in your mind, transfer that into action, and utilize that action to create what you desire. It is a nice high level description of what is required, but it is very incomplete, for it does not take into consideration the concept of evolution. That’s right. No two moments are alike. Existence is ever changing and growing and spiraling forth into a constantly evolving moment. There is no such thing as THE moment. There is no such thing as time. There is no such thing as the past, present, or future. There is only consciousness awareness. The trick is in harnessing this knowledge!

Breathe, grasshopper. That breath will never occur again. It was one of a kind. You just manifested a breath. The next step is to take this intuition into the understanding that all possibilities are possible. You just need to give yourself permission to direct your manifesting in the desired ways.

Where do you go now? Well, the key is to direct a variety of life’s activities towards bringing about bigger and better worlds of influence, which in turn propel you towards manifesting even bigger and better things. To achieve anything you need to align all aspects of your very existence towards your divine destiny… your eternal purpose. Only the green, unripe, student tries to manifest for the sake of manifesting to satisfy the needs of ego. Beyond that is where you want to be… within the realm of your purpose!

Once you comprehend what this means for you, the next stages involve mastering the YOU that is “you” which in turn helps you effortlessly manifest the reality of your purpose. Your destiny is under your control, my friend. It is not under the control of outside forces. It is yours to command, to train, and to discipline. The rest comes with the MAINTENANCE of this awareness. Maintain your education, personal health, relationships, and all that makes up your reality.

Go now… ascend into your new Be-ing, and start anew in this wonderful vibration of enlightened consciousness. It is indeed a great age to once again BE.

May your Groove be endless!

Chris Darroch Biggs

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