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Hello, my health conscious friends!

“Warrior Built” is now LIVE! Woooohoooo!!!  The party has begun!

Thanks for your patience, and to those who have supported us along this amazing product development and launch journey! It’s been a fun ride. 🙂

This is it, folks! After two years in development, the Warrior Built Physique Transformation System is coming to a DVD player near you!

The Warrior Built product launch will celebrate this important program’s official launch to the world and will include a list of bonuses that will make this one of the best product launches of 2009!

The Warrior Built Program is a physique transformation system that is designed to boost your confidence, skyrocket your energy levels, and give you the lean, athletic body you’ve been dreaming about! The best part about it is that you can go as far as you like, and create the body you desire. The perfect addition to any fitness resource library!

Product Package Includes:

DVD Disc 1: Documentary Film following 3 participants with little to no fitness development history as they go through an intense 12 week Warrior Built program.

DVD Disc 2: Full Warrior Built fitness program which includes warm up, cool down, and 6 AMAZING routines following the theme of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) style UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion) combat fighting. A system designed to get the body of a warrior without the bloody battles, and from the comfort of your own home!

Male and Female geared workouts!!!!


– FREE 5 day educational ecourse
– Warrior Built Nutrition Guide
– Warrior Built Recipes Guide
– Warrior Built Meal Plan Guide
– Warrior Built SPIRIT Motivation Audio
– and much, much MORE!!!


As part of the launch celebration, I am giving away 8 different GROOVY health and fitness books just for proving you purchased “Warrior Built”!

Yup… you read that right! Check it out for yourself…:

These extra resources will provide a very well rounded health and fitness resource library, making this the year you get into the best shape EVER!

Act fast, because Andy has a special treat during the first week of the launch that can only be seen on the order page.

Outstanding. 🙂

Also… I’ve had a few people tell me they are not at all into body building or weight training or want to be a fighter. Please, let me just explain something here….

“Warrior Built” is not a program strictly about these concepts. Yes, it can be utilized to get super massive in muscle size using it, but its an all-encompassing program that will let you get the body you desire, depending on the amount of effort you put into it.

If you want to look like a top movie action star… no problem.

If you want to look like you belong on the cover of Men’s Health or Maxim magazines… no problem.

If you want to drop treadmills and ellipticals and use “Warrior Built” just for your cardio… no problem.

If you want to live long, feel better, look better, not to mention having the amazing increase in the psychological areas like positive upliftment, clear thoughts, or added memory… no problem.

We packaged this system into something called “Warrior Built” because we needed to market it somehow, plus we are taking advantage of the latest trends in sports conditioning.

If we wanted to package it and call this “Peak Performance Athletics Conditioning” or “Get a Model’s Body” or “Health and Fitness To Help You Achieve Your Dreams”, we could have done that just the same.

Most people in society go about their days separating themselves from other people, living through what their limited egos and naivete dictate for themselves. I hope that someday we’ll all evolve beyond and see through to the meat of things easier.

“Warrior Built” is “The Groove” of health and fitness.

In addition, this is male and female oriented as well. Andy has many female clients who are forever grateful for what he has provided for them……. so much so that the last time we were out for a night on the town, some of Andy’s female clients were with us and they could NOT stop introducing Andy to their girlfriends as the “guy who gave them their new bodies”!

And the best part is, these ladies were in their 40s!!!



May your fitness GROOVE be endless!

Chris Darroch Biggs
Andrew Pratt and Courtney Rowsell

PS: “Warrior Built” makes the perfect gift too! If you don’t think it is what you need, you may know someone who would be forever grateful! 😉


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