The Law of Repeatlessness in our lives


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Do you still believe you are your mind?

As we came into this world, our little bio-computers and hard drives were perfectly clean with only the necessary operating system to consume and digest nutrients and oxygen. The memory banks were clean and the comparative data on which our entire world would be built had not yet been accumulated.

Then came our “Somebody Training”. While sorting through the billion of neural impulses that were continuously bombarding us, our significant role models began to define who we were. “Oh, he/she is this way” or “He/She likes or dislikes this or that” or “You are so fussy” or “You are (fill in the blank)”. For years our self concept was built for us as we downloaded this information until eventually all the “He” “She” or “You” statements became “I” statements. “I am this way” or “I like or dislike this or that” and thus our “Somebody-ness” was formed.

In and around all that came our behavior modification lessons. If we act “this way” we are lovable, if we don’t act “this way” we’re not lovable. As a result of this early conditional love programming, we began a quest act in a way so as to create an environment whereby we are loved and lovable.

Unfortunately, all of this, every last bit of it, only exists in the mind. Nowhere else can it be found. All the constructs and models of our entire universe and self-concept exist only in the mind. Yet the mind is only something we have, it is not who we are.

There is one part of our mind that is particularly worrisome. The concern is with the pre-frontal cortex. The pre-frontal cortex’s job is to act as a life simulator to predict the future. It bases its predictions on information from the past regardless if this information is correct or not. Our pre-frontal cortex truly believes that it is the “be all end all” of our entire perception of reality. It truly believes that its predictions are accurate and true.

Unfortunately for the pre-frontal cortex, I am here to end all that. I am here to announce to all the pre-frontal cortexes in this world, that you are in fact 100% of the time, incorrect and wrong.

My strong opinion on this subject is based on the discovery of a new law in our universe called “The Law of Repeatlessness”. The “Law of Repeatlessness” is based on the knowledge that there are no two moments, actions, atoms, meanings, occurrences, no two anything, that are ever exactly the same. Life is in a constant dynamic growth process whereby everything is continuously growing and expanding. Life is in and of itself a state of Repeatlessness.

The only place where repeating occurs, is through the perception of our mind. But it’s not true. It cannot be. It is not physically possible.

We have spent our lives gathering data in order to define our lives. We generate and create the meaning to all of this attempting to create relevance. Yet all of that, every last bit of it, is an automatic process that is leading us around based on the programs and data we were either given or latched onto as we developed into our somebody-ness.

None of this has anything to do with who you are. For who you are rests in the state of repeatlessness, in the repeatlessness moment. Who you are has nothing to do with the reflections on, the predictions of, or the worries about life. That’s all the mind.

Who you are is not found in your mind. Who you are is the observer of truth. And the truth can only be found in the repeatlessness moment.

Your mind is a wonderful tool to have when navigating the planes of time and space, but who you are is the listener and observer that resides continuously in the eternity of repeatlessness.

Warm regards to you,

Dr. Joe Marshalla

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