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Well, I’m back, and have been a very busy boy, indeed!

Spinning Blue Planet has undergone an eXTreMe mAkEOVer over the past few months!

For my old audience, thanks for helping me get this far!

For the new audience… what took you so long? :mgreen:

No, seriously, as I reach out further and further into this Internet realm, making new friends and becoming a wide spread influence is very time-consuming. I finally found the opportunity to return to the basics and revamped everything in Spinning Blue Planet, from the graphics (yes, they were all created by me, even the paintings), the coded infrastructure, added this Blog, and begun many new promotions. The community Forum will be coming soon too.

Here’s a real kicker… I lost a database of 2000+ members and will slowly get back to manually trying to piece it back together using old emails (thanks again 1shoppingcart for purging them on me!). Shessshh… but I can’t fully blame them. I was unreachable for almost a year and without Zeeee “pLAstIC”… they no like me.

I have gone through many personal ups and downs facing some whacked out ventures and even more seriously whacked out people who have no clue how to thrive as a community, or how to get to know others. It’s Unbelievable how ignorant so many folks can be.

One promising venture, though, is from beginning pre-production (as Screenwriter) of a feature length film with a very good friend of mine in Ottawa, Canada. This thing will shake up the silver screen like you wouldn’t believe! I can’t reveal too much about it here but wait until this thing goes wide in a couple years. The thoughts of a world will be changed!

If you haven’t taken a stroll over through the Cancer Benefit section (The Summer Sizzler) yet, I also produced and directed an amazing Ovarian Cancer Benefit concert last summer and will (hopefully!) be releasing this event on DVD and CDs this year. Please DONATE to help with the production costs! Details on how are located on that webpage. The benefit was held for a beautiful 20-year-old woman, Amanda (as depicted in th ad graphics), who has been chronicling her therapy adventure. More on this soon!

*** This is a personal message out to my filmmaking lead, Daniel… I really, really need those Cam 2 tapes ASAP!!! ***  update… tapes received!

You’ll also notice that all prior Blog entries before this one have been some key emails sent out in the past, but worth repeating here.

I have also become a best selling co-author along side some big names including Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra in the “Wake Up: Live The Life You Love: Seizing Your Success” book. Order your copy at Barnes & Nobles! This book, upon initial release, reached #12 in the top 100!

I am still working on eliminating credit card debt… but the end is near! Yay! I will fill you in on how this is accomplished soon. During my debt adventures, I had to find a way to keep this eBiz working without Zeee “pLAsTic”. And guess what… 8-)

Oh, yeah, I also produced and designed the Mr. Turf landscaping website and spent a year as a Regional IT Desktop Support Associate at a call center. That was “amusing“.

And finally, many people are A-buzz over “The Secret” that has hit the world by “Marketing Storm”. Even Oprah got on the band wagon. Its a nice product, worth watching, but I have many beefs about it as a beneficial and influential Philosophical piece. More on why soon in future blog entries. The biggest reason I want to express now is that… why would several multi-millionaire “philosophers and therapists” send out a copycat product without adding anything new to the evolution of the philosophy (The Law of Attraction)??? It’s nothing more than a viral marketing piece just to draw more people into attending their “seminars”. I’m appauled that some even had the audacity to show off their extravagant homes and talked about focusing on purchasing new cars, and such. People, please, that’s the last thing this world needs is more followers focusing on spending more cash and time on such devices. This product is just a rehash of an ideal way of thinking expressed back in the 1800s. Um, hello… the world has changed considerably since then! Sad. Oh the wonders of “Public Domain” books.

Alright, now that, of course, completely leads this bloated rant into a self-less promotion of my own system, “Gettin’ Back Into The Groove of Gettin’ Back Into The Groove“. For those of you who personally know me, you know exactly why I am doing this. For those of you who have been exposed to and began applying this powerful system, as you can see I’m doing my part. This “Secret” that hit mainstream is like 1/10th of the Groove system… And The Groove was designed 3 years ago! Ohh the wonders of marketing, joint ventures, and dollars to spend. I’m not bitter… just amazed at how long it takes for REAL PROGRESS sometimes.


I will be re-releasing The Groove with several additional add-ons very soon. I have also been working on my follow up book — title withheld for now, considering how many “copycat” eyes loom the net. In addition, the movie version of it is shaping up nicely, and featuring some revolutionary effects designed to blow this system into the STRATOSPHERE.

And yes, the next version of the Spinning Blue eZine is also being pieced together — in fact, you’re looking at it. Ohh and hey, if you’re in Facebook, that’s it too.  Myspace.  Yup, that’s it also. Look around you… I helped change the world right under your nose… 😉

Well, that’s enough of a rant for today. I hope you and yours are on top of the world, changing it for the better… one day at a time. Until next time…

Peace to all,

Chris Darroch Biggs


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