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Mark your calendar and hang on to your socks, because on September 25, 2008, Nan Akasha and Amy Scott Grant will challenge everything you THINK you know about power, control, and your ego!

“What?! My Ego?”, you ask.

That’s right — just think about this for a sec:

What if everything you THINK you know about your Ego is dead wrong?

What if your most powerful resources and allies are the ones you don’t even know you have?

What if you could produce real, tangible results, with absolute minimal effort and extreme velocity?

What if you don’t have to dominate, suppress, muscle or otherwise “master” your ego to achieve results?

And What if you could get a bonus valued at $100 just for showing up to the live preview call?

The preview call is f/ree, but space is limited and you MUST register to hold your spot:

Have you ever stopped to consider that everything you think you have to struggle with, fight against, and “overcome” might just be the one key — the one ALLY — that could make all your dreams come true?

I mean, really — what if the thing you think is your greatest enemy is really your most powerful asset?

Irony at its finest.

On September 25th, Amy Scott Grant and Nan Akasha are going to change everything you THINK you know about your EGO. And you won’t have to pay a cent to sample it.

Nan and Amy have been mastering the practice of negotiating with egos — their own and their clients’ — to create massive breakthroughs with minimal effort, in the quickest possible timeline.

To register for the f/ree preview call, visit this link:

You can thank me later.  And trust me, you will.

I’ll see you there,

Chris Darroch Biggs
Spinning Blue Planet

P.S. The live conference bridge can only hold 200 people, so be sure to register now and reserve your spot!

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