Crystal Clear – The Revolution of Light is NOW!


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My friends,

A new dawn is upon us.  A crystal clean encouragement that will bring about a new civilization… a new evolution.

Are we really heading in this right direction or are we that much further away from having the perfect way?

Awakening ourselves to what is truly possible is the platform on which we will launch the great revolution of LIGHT!

But where does one begin?  Where in this mass of haze and confusion and miss-aligned efforts does the grand scheme of things make sense?  The world as we know it is about to shift… but in which direction?  The only answer to this rests in YOUR hands!

As a whole, the human race has undergone an enormous transition through many phases of characteristics.  Love and peace shadowed by darkness and evil. But is it really that easy to define?  Have all of the discoveries of the past labeled us too finitely?  Are we caught up in sensing we are indeed following the righteous or have we caused a new, invisible division?

There are no right or wrong answers to everything.  There is however, choice.  We can choose to keep doing what we have always done, holding a blind eye towards what makes us personally uncomfortable, or we can embrace what is real and allow that to govern our decisions for making a better tomorrow.

We are linked as one and each of us plays a special role.  To not play that role is to go against eternal laws.  When we can see this role in each other, we will align and float through this cosmos in perfect, sustainable, and divine harmony.  However, when we beat each other down, hold egotistical point of views, and disregard the importance of clear communication, we are and will ALWAYS prevent ourselves from reaching the desired harmonic state, The Groove.

How can it be done?  How do we ascend into paradise when the chains holding us back is ourselves in the first place?

Acceptance of each other should not be forced or marketed or have financial repercussions to the whole.  Our shared experiences should be transparent and telepathic, not noise.  Within each and every one of us is an ability and a divine purpose.  We must harness this trait within every single one of us in order to transition into oneness.  Flawed are our minds.  Flawed are our ways.  Righteous is our possibilities as a perfectly flowing, united essence.

Start, right now, to see the eternal light and purpose in those around you and within yourself.  From beginning to end is the message we will send.  A finely woven tapestry can be the only path.  What thread is yours and who will connect to it?


Chris Darroch Biggs

Freedom Garden

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