Spinning Blue Planet (SBP) focuses on ways in which ANYONE can and will LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST across all major areas, including Mental Health, Career and Business Development, Personal Finances, Spirituality, Personal Fitness, and Relationships.

It is an outlet for human expression that is unique and beneficial on many levels, and how we as a species can coexist together in perfect, sustainable harmony. Balancing The New Earth across all areas pertaining to this, including sustainable technology, human evolution, political and sociological advancements, economics, relationships, and living in a new paradigm is of utmost importance if we are to shift into the world we "need".

By utilizing multi-media, artistic expression, philosophy, and other new age stimulation techniques, our main goal is to entertain while educating, express while assisting, explore while remaining unbiased.

In addition, every being on Earth has a voice of some form. This will be an outlet for showcasing the extraordinary people who have shown the world that they have overcome the odds and are sharing their message for any and all to see.

SBP is even about HOW to overcome the odds.

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Who is Chris Darroch Biggs? Chris is the founder of Spinning Blue Planet. While surfing the flow of the GROOVE, he is a delver into the arts, technologies, and human interactions of his time. He is often found tinkering into film making, screenwriting, fiction and non-fiction writing, poetry, painting, photography, song writing, project management, computer graphics and programming, website design, entrepreneurial venturing, consulting, mentoring, volunteering, djembe drumming, backpacking nature's best, befriending many a Soul... and, above all, dipping his toes into the river of perpetual GROOVINESS!

Chris was also one of the key philosophers who helped pioneer the "Big Picture" internet movement which influenced such things as the movie The Secret and online communities such as Facebook.

Chris is a very unique life coach who focuses on helping clients not only to discover their individual life's purpose but to also accelerate their achievements in an incredibly productive and successful way. His Groove Philosophy and Rapid Achievement Blueprint (ecourse / membership) is by far the most influential system in the world today, breaking down all barriers of economic and cultural blockages by getting to the root of Humanity's evolution itself! He is a master manifestor of dreams and skilled in multiple disciplines, with the ability to teach these talents to any living Soul on this planet. Through film making, painting, graphic design, musicianship, authorship, computer science, marketing, philosophy, career and business development, along with many other influences, his teachings utilize all forms of learning processes making his work the foundation to everything, as well as the solution to all Human kind!

His consulting services include:

- Project Management
- Personal and Business Success Coaching
- Graphic Design
- Event Production and Direction
- Editorial & Proof Reading
- Product Consulting

- Internet Marketing
- Film Making
- Screenwriting
- Ghost Writing
- Commissioned Canvas Painting

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I have always been driven by ideas, not only ideologies but the implementing of them in daily life, on the world. In other words, I have always considered myself to be a dreamer who loves living dreams. Human beings are amazing creatures capable of envisioning, manifesting, and caring for each other. As a dreamer I found SBP to be an interesting and stimulating project in which I could be my best helping the world to be a better place. It is true we all live in our own world, but it is also true that our own world exists on planet Earth. Earth is the home of every little one of us. It is obvious that we should care for it.

Being an active woman, who loves writing all types of writings... prose, poetry, fiction, non fiction, inspirational, motivational and many others, I could not just sit and wait for the world to change. My personality is tuned into connecting and communicating; I love all types of connections and of course I love people! I am pleased to be a part of this project and I look forward to the many blessings that will be born with its implementation, expansion and growth! It is nice to be here with you!!!

Sarah Stuart
writer, poet, motivational and inspirational writer, coach, meteorologist, philosopher, dreamer

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Dr. Joe Marshalla is a dynamic speaker and teacher. His discovery of "The Law of Repeatlessness" and then subsequent applications in modern thought, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and quantum physics, has catapulted him into being internationally recognized as a leading world authority on the subjects. He is now considered and sought after as an expert in the biochemistry of psychology and perception, the neurology of spirituality, the biochemistry of nutrition, and the synthesis of quantum physics into spirituality. He has studied with, worked with, and is endorsed by, some of the greatest minds in the world.

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Sara Moore is a University student at Simon Fraser where she studies Psychology and English. She is a Peer Educator in the career section where she peer reviews other student's resumes and cover letters, and coordinates mock interviews. In her spare time, she paints with psychology related themes and is advancing into Art Therapy as a profession.

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