Our Mission: to bring extraordinary worlds and concepts to a monitor near you


As we move into this new age, the efforts of many will come together as one to co-create a better tomorrow.  The philosophy behind Spinning Blue Planet (SBP) is to assist people with the shift from the old paradigm (masculine energies) and into the new paradigm (divine feminine, balanced energies).

What this means is that the old way of seeing the world as a material, “up for grabs”, limited resource-based system of business, religion, government, etc, is horrifically limiting us. The shift into the new paradigm means that we are connecting better from personal Spiritually, allowing us to get down to the really important matters… that of sustainability, conscious community, overcoming our conditioned “lack” mentality, and redesigning how we go about relating with each other.

Specifically, SBP focuses on ways in which ANYONE can and will LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST across all major areas, including Mental Health, Career and Business Development, Personal Finances, Spirituality, Personal Fitness, and Relationships. It is an outlet for human expression that is unique and beneficial on many levels, and how we as a species can coexist together in perfect, sustainable harmony. By utilizing multi-media, artistic expression, philosophy, and other new age stimulation techniques, our main goal is to entertain while educating, express while assisting, explore while remaining unbiased. In addition, every being on Earth has a voice of some form. This will be an outlet for showcasing the extraordinary people who have shown the world that they have overcome the odds and are sharing their message for any and all to see. SBP is even about HOW to overcome the odds.